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Steve Zappalla, PhD


 As a retired combat veteran I focus  on treating those related to the  military, and my practice is devoted to helping all adults understand and cope with mental health difficulties and issues.

My main specialty is on issues related to addiction and trauma and I also treat a wide range of other difficult emotions and disorders.  I am a Licensed Psychotherapist (LPC), a nationally approved counseling supervisor (ACS) and a nationally-certified clinical mental health counselor (NCC).  I hold certifications in addiction (CSAC, CAC-II) and trauma counseling and currently completing a Ph.D dissertation in a nationally-accredited program.  

I see individual clients, couples, families, and facilitate therapy groups on addictions, trauma, and other mental health issues.  Relying on research, I employ my diverse training and integrate an array of therapeutic interventions that will yield optimum results for the individual and the issues presented.  Therapy with me will provide a safe place to explore reactions, thoughts, and feelings about people in your life as well as yourself.  It allows you the opportunity to practice new ways of interacting and, when ready, to try these in other relationships.  Together we will decide on the amount of sessions needed to achieve your goals.  

Tara Travia , PhD


I earned my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Kent State University in 2003 following a Master’s Degree from Wake Forest University in 1998 in General Psychology. I am currently licensed in both Pennsylvania and Virginia. I completed a year-long internship at Atascadero State Hospital in Atascadero, CA and have worked with a wide range of clients. I have served on National Boards and committees, aiding in research and treatment of individuals with sexual and personality concerns. I maintain a selective forensic practice in Pennsylvania. My training has focused on trauma, weight loss, mindfulness and personality disorders. I am also influenced by my training in yoga and meditation as a means of finding balance and center in my life. 

I am a Certified Trauma Professional through the International Association of Trauma Professionals, Certified Anderson Weight Loss Treatment provider through William Anderson, MA, and hold the VA C-SOTP credential (Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider). I am a member of the Virginia Psychological Association.

My current focus is on providing behaviorally based treatment informed by research. I utilize what I consider to be a holistic cognitive-behavioral framework which examines how to make changes in larger problems by addressing smaller, more easily managed daily behaviors and decisions. Goal setting, value clarification, and mindfulness are techniques common in my practice. Holistic treatment addresses all aspects of someone’s life including their actions, beliefs, values, sleeping and eating patterns, and habits. Psychotherapy in this context is about collaboratively working towards greater awareness of these patterns and how to make alterations in these patterns in a manner that moves one continually towards healthy living. As humans, we are much better at moving towards something of worth, than trying to “not” do or feel something unpleasant.

My certifications in treating trauma, as well as providing Anderson Weight Loss therapy allow me to better assess and treat these particular problems.

Gibson Mazurkiewicz


 As a combat veteran I served as a national guard soldier for 17 years.  I served in Bosnia as part of operation joint guard and earned a combat infantryman badge in Afghanistan in 2005.  Committed to helping out other service members I went back to school and graduated with a bachelors degree from Colorado state university global in Applied Social Sciences, and I recently earned my masters of science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Walden University.

I now see my role as a therapist as a way to help other service members and enjoy providing clinical care for veterans with combat experience.  Working as an intern with NOVANT/UVA's Prince William Hospital intensive outpatient program for substance abuse I have experience working with both veteran and non-veteran clients in individual and group therapy settings.  I also work with both family's and couples in a therapeutic environment.  

I also enjoy working in a residential treatment facility for adolescents with mental health and behavior issues.  I also serve individuals struggling with depression, self esteem, interpersonal relationship deficits, aggression, and post traumatic stress disorder. I find that my theoretical approach adopts some of the proven concepts of cognitive behavioral therapy while staying grounded in humanistic roots.

Lisa Snevely


Highly organized and dedicated to supporting our clients, Lisa is a people person and a skilled accounts manager here at the center. She holds a Masters in Education from Loyola University Maryland and is a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) with many years of previous experience in a medical office setting. She came to us after deciding to take a break from the school system and put her administrative skills back to work. 



 Stephanie obtained a bachelors of arts in event planning and hospitality from Marymount University in Arlington Virginia.  She is trained and experienced office manager and enjoys organizing to improve the overall office efficiency and productivity.  Stephanie has held a variety of positions where she has been able to coordinate complicated activities and manage high dollar value projects and programs.  She is skilled in budget issues and health insurance related policies.  CVIT is fortunate to have Stephanie as its office manager.  




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